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Let your teacher be
NCERT trained to be...

More Motivated
With 365 days NCERT mentorship
More Confident
With well researched content
More Equipped
With teachers resources material

Overview of 365 days
Teachers Training Program

365 days training program provide platform to expand the horizon of teachers knowledge, understand the global educational need and hands-on experience of 21st century pedagogy and content

  • Grooming Session
  • Classroom Management Programm
  • Language Training
  • NCF Curriculum Workshop
  • Capacity Building Program
  • Pedagogy Workshop
  • Our team will be with school teachers till they execute the training program

    For every chapter teachers are provided and trained with the following resources

  • Premium demo lecture and digital resource material
  • Premium kit video explaining how to use teachers kit
  • Interactive Classroom activities with examples

Hoof! Parent will
not complain now on...

Our 365 teachers training program assures that the below complains will be the talks of past


PPAP pedagogy, quality content and hand-holding support are the key factor for the higher teachers retention


Class Notes and Practise worksheet are designed with the balanced approach and undergoes rigorous quality checks that eliminates the grammatical, spelling or content errors .This empowers the school to deliver standard and quality content

Teaching Speed

Assist the teachers to plan the syllabus judiciously as it accurately tracks the information on ideal required time versus utilised time for the completion of a chapter

School Management can relax now and...

Managing a school need diligent efforts from curriculum planning to on-time syllabus completion to administration of proxy to measure learning outcome. Hoof! relax !! This provides an ease to manage everything with a click

  • Track Syllabus completion status
  • Track teachers performance analysis
  • Track Students real time learning development
  • Auto arrange proxy based upon the course completion status

Conventional Teaching

Above 61% students fail to understand the concepts
  • Above 78% are just cramming
  • Above 67% are weak in Communication skills
  • Above 83% are weak in Presentation skills
  • Lack of Leadership and Teamwork skills
  • Leads to depression, anxiety and stress
  • No access to information about the learning outcome

Teaching After Training

Above 95% students understand the concepts
  • 100% rote (ratta) free learning
  • 70% more practise in Communication Skills
  • 78% more practise in Presentation skills
  • 80% higher Teamwork activity
  • Fun way of learning builds strong IQ, EQ, LQ and Confidence
  • Access to information about learning outcome

Get assured success
in your students

Continuous hand-holding support and exposure to the global content expand the horizon of
teachers knowledge that meets the need of 21st century education


PPAP pedagogy, kaizen approach and continuous teachers training helps students to understand the concepts and diminish rote-learning method over a period of time

Burden & stress
free learning

Whenever a child tries to remember or cram they tend to forget that creates burden and make the learning stressful. Instead when they understand the concept the content becomes fun to learn and explore

Builts speaking

PPAP pedagogy provides platform for rigorous speaking practise that diminishes the stage fear and grows the confidence in public speaking skills

Improves reading &
writing skills

Process of PPAP pedagogy is based upon the NLP that covers the reading and writing practise at every stage of the learning cycle

Builds teamwork
among students

Teamwork skill helps students to excel academically. The students hone other associated skills like communication, compromise and collective effort when they work in team

Builts public speaking
& presentation skills

PPAP pedagogy provides platform for rigorous practise of public speaking and presentation that diminishes the stage fear and grows the confidence

Pedagogy Packages

Students Rote-free Learning Package

Let all your student understand 100% of concept



365 days Teachers Training Package +Students Rote-free Learning Program Package

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